Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Real Big Dink

My day started off with this stupid think for himself ass. Although I don't have a photo of him taking a left in front of me while we were going the same direction the photo I took was the only one I have. Some disturbing things about Mr. A-Hole who probably was getting some coffee off Hwy 7 and Hwy41 in Shoreview and was he was not alone. He had whom I presume was his son in the back seat. This jackass was taking his son to school just down the road east of 41. I am guessing he was running a little behind. He was lucky I wasn't running over his behind. Me, in the left turn lane. Him, a few cars back in the thru lane. Both if us facing south waiting for the light. Green and go, and he turns in front of me so he can get to the church school. Church school? One other thing that appalled me was his license plate. Firefighter. A firefighter drives like this? So he can get his son to school a few seconds earlier? I passed by the school long before he did, so why take a chance? Ignorance? Probably stupidity. I am sure he is not a volunteer in my town. I would not want this moron even close to my house if it was burning. If he is so impatient about getting by a 80,000 pound truck, what does he do impatiently fighting fires? I know I will never see this asshole again and I am very happy about that. I just hope his son is smarter than he is and figures out his dad put him in a dangerous spot this morning.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to say that most kids will drive like their parents since this is what they see as 'acceptable' actions

dirtcooker said...

Oh..but just don't understand. Those volunteer firefighters are real important people...WAY more important than a lowley truck driver...just ask them. They are above the law, just ask them how impressed people are when they are around. Guaranteed, if he would have been run over by the MACK after cutting you off, the first thing out of his mouth would have been how he is a FIREFIGHTER and how important he is. These are the same dip shits that hang out at the bars drinking, with a pager strapped to their ass, hoping someone asks why they have it, and then they can say, "I'M A FIREFIGHTER", as if they're impressing someone. If you've been drinking, don't go to fight a fire, and don't drive. Some people think they are invincible.


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