Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Day Off At Work

I am guessing that paying attention to your surroundings would have helped in this situation. Maybe not?

Those front bumpers don't hold up too well when you go head on into the cables.

Oh, if I only owned a tow truck service. Think of how fun a blog of that job would be.

I don't think the cable fences give way much. At least from what I can see how far she bounced.

A Suburban is a preferred "ditch runner" vehicle. 4 wheel drive isn't helping this lady out but it might have helped her in.

Some people just don't like to look when they are entering a roadway. I can only slow down so fast. This was this lady's lucky day.

No Shit! What has this state come to when we need a sign to tell us it's slippery when we are already driving on the road? Hmm? It's snowing, I wonder if it's slippery? Wait, I know, look at the pictures above again. Yes, we do need a sign.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You gotta admit those signs might be helpful to people who have been yakking on their phones and not paying attention to the road.


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