Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Day In Pictures

How about a little mass confusion to start the day?
This makes a lot of sense, run a stop sign to get to a red light. Stop here stop there, what's the difference? I am glad my kids are out of school.

Not a good place to put yourself unless you are thinking about testing the theory and properties of physics.

Not a ringing endorsement for hiring. Can you suddenly change lanes and jam on the brakes in front of a semi? Your hired.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Regarding the school buses that appear to be in a hurry, next time get the number and report them to the safety director of the company. Too many good bus drivers are mobile and do not deserve the bad rap. I know it is driving 101, but when safety of kids is compromised (or anyone else for that matter) it needs to be addressed.

I have reported commuter buses that sail right through stop signs/stop lights as well as tractor-trailer rigs that drive unsafe (the last one was a driver that definitely had sleep-at-the-wheel syndrome and was all over the shoulder and driving lane.

No, I am not trying to act proud; I am just trying to keep the road safer for others and me. My wife had a dual-trailer tractor that decided it wanted to be in the back seat of her car instead of behind her. I am a true believer considering crumple zones in autos.

Keep that camera running...


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