Monday, December 22, 2008

A Blizzardy Saturday

Another unfortunate soul that has to work in a blizzard.

The guy on the left is shoveling. I think he might be there for some time.

This move gets you stopped by the Burnsville Police. I am sure the excuse was "it's slippery".

Hard to see at times.

Nothing like being the meat of an accident. Someone was thinking because they were off the road.

My nemesis of the day. Why snow kept amassing here was beyond me. I even tried roasting the windshield but it didn't matter, we were stuck together for the day.

You have to look at the bright side, you didn't go into the wire. I am thinking the 4 wheel drive probably did get you where you are though.

Another 4 Wheeler driving on anything but pavement.

Here's Joe, just hanging out keeping it on the road.

Not much you can do when the airbag goes off. I guess slowing down and staying off the brakes is out of the question now.

Through it all we made it, one of us warmer and drier than the other but we made it. Don't worry Mack, when your retired I have a nice warm spot in my den for you and you will never have to see days like this ever again.


ジャック・ラッセル うらら said...




Dale the Truck Driver said...

Translation the best I could do.

Hi ~

What dog is the last photo?

It is interesting ornament ~ ♪

This is Mack. He rides on the front of my Semi. All of Mack trucks have these ornaments. Thank you for commenting.

Anonymous said...

that Mack dog doesn't look like all the other Mack dogs I've seen-is it the new version? it looks kind of like a Japanese animation version. It barely looks like a bulldog. I prefer the old-fashioned ones that look like they'd beat a pit bull hands down. That said "America".


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