Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Last Post...............

....................For the year. my travels today took me all the way to Brainerd. I was pretty nervous because if I can't see the IDS then I might get lost. Everything turned out okay even with the icy roads. Hopefully next time I am in this area it is about 100 degrees warmer and I am pulling a boat instead. Welcome to Brainerd, Yeeeaaaahhhh.
One stop fun in the land of Paul Bunyan.

Nice to see that things aren't much different in Brainerd.

Everybody's friends Paul and Babe. Not sure what Babe is smelling, not so sure I want to know.

Really? I hadn't noticed the previous 60 miles I had driven. Thanks for the info.

My constant buddy Mack and I on a lonely stretch on Hwy 371 near Little Falls.

Just trying to be cool and stay on the road. At least I didn't go in the ditch. One out of two isn't bad.

Just a bit nippy today. Or maybe just my glowing personality that was icing up my window. No other windows had this problem.

I'm not sure what this guy was doing. At one point he was spinning around. Then he decided to drive down the shoulder for a few miles.

Alrighty then. Maybe I should have that on the back of my truck.

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