Friday, December 12, 2008

The Lexus Driving School

This guy was on 494 and entering from 100. Now it is rarely that I see someone driving a Lexus actually use a turn signal. This guy must think that a signal means for everyone else to get out of his way. I always thought a signal meant intent. In the Lexus driving attitude as he came up on my left side down 494 a ways, yes he leaned over across his female passenger and........... Gave me the finger. Why did I know he would do this? He didn't care about the people behind him, no he had a point to make that he didn't like the fact that I did not slam on my brakes so he could get on 494 at 40MPH or so. Amazing that he would be in the left lane so fast and only to travel to Portland to exit with of course no signals. That's him behind the exit sign. All I can say to you is......................... Your welcome.

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