Monday, December 29, 2008

A Fine Christmas Eve

This is just a fraction of my Christmas Eve. It is a wonder to me why people get so crazy and go haywire this time of year. I never look forward to this time of year driving. Too all the people who cut me off and endangered my life as well as yours and anybody who might have been less fortunate to be riding with you, Merry Effing Christmas, jackasses!

On Hwy 7 west of 494 at 50 MPH this lady must have had some last minute shopping to take care of. I wonder if she was humming " I'll be home for Christmas" in a body bag.... C'mon sing along.......

This guy in the green Dodge made about 8 lane changes so he could exit at Hwy 13 off 77. Made perfect sense to me.

The dreaded soccer mom, and she drove like one too.

I am happy to report that the van did make it into the right lane to exit on east 62.

At 31st and Stevens Ave. if you don't or can't wait in line just make an illegal lane change. Then when your on 35W you can stop in traffic there instead of Stevens Ave. Never mind that it is slippery and hard to get traction in the plowed snow.

I never seen anything. I wonder how often MnDot forgets to clear the boards?

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