Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Aftermath And Ignorance On The Road

This makes it all worth it. The early morning sun dogs.

4 wheel drive, enough said.


Kick ass cycle shop. Made me think of summer riding with no worries.

A good way for Minneapolis to save money is to quit plowing the sidewalks since this guy was about the 100 or so I seen walking in the streets. Also, is it the "in thing" to never zip your coat up?

I wonder what people think when they pull in front of 80,000 pounds.

In Burnsville this gets you pulled over, here in the Park is a different story.

When it's slippery on the roads do as you please.

This guy gave me the finger. Why? I guess being in my lane to exit was a problem for him. In my years of driving when someone gives me the ol' number one I think they are just telling me their I.Q. Standard Heating won't be getting any business from me ever.

This lady was so intent on getting in front of me. The ramp here is a little slippery as you can see there is no road spray. Never a good thing when it looks wet.

This guy cut it a little close. As you can see he wasn't looking at me in his mirror.

If it's too cold out and you can't take it no more, there is nothing wrong with curling up with a blanket and forgetting the world for awhile.


ジャック・ラッセル うらら said...





Dale the Truck Driver said...

Hi ~ ♪

It is a Jack Russell dog ♪

I'm in bed wrapped in something ~ ♪

It's cute ~ ♪

Thank you, this is Nipsey Russell.

Anonymous said...

what an adorable dog! do you ever take him with you?


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