Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Weekend (Not for me)

On Saturday afternoon I was traveling south on 169 to 494. I saw something that really irked me. Or maybe I should say who irked me. This white truck from Westurn Roofing came across three lanes in front of me right at the 494 east ramp. This has happened to me a million times or more. But what I seen on this truck was a little disturbing. If you look at the license plate you will notice a Firefighter plate. What? Why would you conduct yourself in such a manner. Look at one of my earlier posts. My dad worked in Minneapolis for 30 years as a fulltime Firefighter. My dad taught me how to drive. What gives? In our society it is socially acepted to drive like an asshole no matter if you have your company name or a Firefighter plate on your vehicle. I always try to stay away from vehicles with ladders attached to them and this is more proof to my theory. Beware of the contractor because he is most likely on his phone and doesn't give a shit about you or anyone else, except if your a customer. Does anybody realize you can exit from the left lane by taking the frontage road to 494 east? Okay, I feel better.

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