Thursday, October 9, 2008


I have mentioned Mack a few times before. He is loyal and always standing tall and proud. He is fearless and never complains about the weather or other drivers like I do. He has ridden almost 660,000 miles from his perch since late 2000. When he retires around 1,000,000 miles he will have ridden farther than most people will drive their whole life. He has seen a few cars unfortunate to become entangled with us when they have tried to cheat physics. He has passed many cars and 4-wheel trucks in the ditch on the snowiest days of winter. He has endured many torrential rain and hail storms and has basked in the hot summer sun while riding just above a scorching diesel engine. He has seen more than his share of one finger salutes and through it all he has never complained once. Here's to my partner and pal Mack. Even though I have spent the last eight years looking at your backside I have the utmost respect for you.

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