Monday, October 6, 2008

My First Comment

Thank you Calli for being my first...... To comment. I do find it amazing that someone might actually read my rants. It is all sarcasm and not meant to offend anyone as I have never done this in my life. I do appreciate the the mention from Roadguy from the Strib. After having my picture on my cycle posted I have been fending off calls and e-mails to model and act. All I want to do is drive and write. Roadguy can be found at Please visit the Roadguy often.

1 comment:

Calli Arcale said...

You're very welcome. ;-) I have great respect for truckers, mostly earned while I was working for a company that did financing for truck-trailers. I got to know a few owner-operators, and you guys do good work. The rest of us road users need to respect you -- for your mass, for your limited sight lines, for your experience, for your skill, and for the damned important job you do.

I look forward to reading your blog! I've added it to my bookmarks. ;-)


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