Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Nicollet Avenue and Diamond Lake Road

A week ago Saturday I was heading south on Nicollet just north of Diamond Lake Road. There is a fire station just south of the Minnehaha Creek bridge. There is also a traffic light at the station. About 8 or 9 a.m. I stopped at the red light. The doors were open and Ladder 5 had it's lights on. The light turned green, I stayed were I was. My dad was a Firefighter and Fire Motor Operator for 30 years with the MFD. I didn't feel like getting in anybody's way. Another Firefighter came out and seen me waiting, he waved me on, I, now seeing that an inspection of the rigs was taking place. As I started moving I was passed on my left by a pick-up truck hauling a tree chipper. As he passed I tooted my horn and received a salute. He pulled in front of me to get to the Holiday gas station next door to Station 27. I wasn't going to fast and looked at the driver who again saluted me and then made a gesture of he was going to call my employer. Why do people do this? Do you think I will get fired because I looked at you after you made a bonehead mistake? Anyways, he pulls up to a pump and I stop at the Diamond Lake red light. In front of me a Minneapolis Police car turns on his lights and takes a left in front of me. No, he is not going to chat with Mr. Tree Trimmer is he? I am not sure what happened, but the cop pulled up to his bumper and my light turned green. I can only hope his stupid action was rewarded with a donation to Hennepin County. So, as I said, he passed me, double yellow line into oncoming traffic. No signals, saved maybe 10 seconds to get to a gas pump. What If a fire truck had been leaving? The FMO would have never seen him with me in the way. What about the victims? They would have to wait longer. Tree trimming is important, but this important? Here is also a picture of Engine 20, my dad's assignment before he retired, and my dad. A great web site on MFD and STPFD http://www.extraalarm.org/ Also a great place to visit http://www.firehallmuseum.org/

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