Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday, Bloody Sunday...... And Some Saturday

Not in the U2 sense, but more like the English oh bloody ell.... Sunday has to be the worst for getting around. More so during football season. The Purple Idiot's are out and about and with gas prices down there are more cars on the road now. But alas, I do not disappoint. I found many and many photo opportunities and I was called dangerous by Prof. S and spuzzz from Roadguys blog at Yes, you might think I am not attentive or I am hypocritical, but if I was as perfect as you two I wouldn't be driving a truck now would I? Where do I start? How about the apex thing again? Yes, you be the judge as to who is dangerous and who is not. Yeah, I guess I shouldn't be on the road. The lady in the silver car heading towards Savage came from my right side at about 80MPH. Maybe she should have noticed the skid mark she seemed to be following, but I have a feeling she was going a little to fast to see it.

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