Monday, October 6, 2008


Something that bothers me are people that cross an apex. What is an apex? An apex is basically the painted lines that come to a point at a merge spot. Some are long some are short, however it is illegal to cross double white lines, no matter how far apart they are. they are designed to keep traffic flowing. MnDOt engineers do studies as how to keep a constant flow, but you have people who come up with their own idea's as how to cheat the system. Either exiting or entering your still an idiot if you cross the apex. Notice the Luther dealer plate? Brand new car, at least he signaled. If you click on the picture and look to the right lane way down the ramp, that is where he ended up. Me? I took a left on Franklin and passed him on the ramp long before he moved. I bet he was happy he stopped before me. If you look at my hood ornament, that is what I think of this guy.

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