Sunday, October 26, 2008


I know you do not tolerate this behavior that I photographed. But what gets me is this kids parents are probably driving in this manner. That is the problem. You have parents who think that once their child is 15 and has their permit they start to pay attention to how their parents are driving. Wrong! I have been swore at, given the finger, and cut off and had the brakes jammed on by many teenagers and everyone else. On this job to be successful one must be a mind reader. Most people take the same action as they are very predictable. Every once in awhile somebody throws me a curve ball. Aggressive, inattentive, ignorant, call it what ever you want driving is probably the only thing in common for any race, gender, or age. It is the bond that shows no prejudice of all Minnesotans. With that said, I hope you know that I was not seeking to expose any driving school for bad driving habits. I did find it very ironic that for the day I was having and what I was seeing all day it just fit. Had I been a little quicker i would have taken a picture of a driving instructor who was stopped by the Plymouth Police Department, but...... It was not a safe time to attempt it. So in closing all I can say I am sorry it was your school that I photographed, thank you for the kind comments and please keep reading.


Calli Arcale said...

I won't blame her driving school either. Idiots cut across lines, and the instructor isn't always in a position to stop the student from doing something dumb (in which case all they can do is lecture the student about how dumb that was and how it'll get them flunked on the test).

"You have parents who think that once their child is 15 and has their permit they start to pay attention to how their parents are driving. Wrong!"

Actually, most kids do pay attention to how their parents are driving -- and they've been paying attention for years. Thing is, they're not just paying attention while you're teaching them. They're paying attention all the time. If you get aggressive at other drivers (call them names, suggest that they shouldn't be on the road, whatever), then they will learn that it is okay to do that, and with youthful lack of perspective may conclude it's okay to display their aggression in a dangerous way, such as deliberately cutting someone off in traffic, or the old tap-on-the-brakes trick. Kids will also learn these things from their peers, but they will learn the most profoundly from their parents. So we parents must all be on constant guard when our children are in the car with us, lest we inadvertently teach them to do as we do, not as we say.

Dale the Truck Driver said...

Well said, Calli.


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