Saturday, June 20, 2009

Why People Do What They Do?

First example is this guy driving at well over 70MPH on a 30/30 tire. 30 minutes or 30 miles. No seat belt and he was getting his ghetto lean on.

The good ole steering with the knee's maneuver while riding the brakes. I thought texting and driving was a no no.

This guy had a file of papers he was perusing through.


Janet said...

sometimes I wish I had a death ray gun to eliminate jackasses like these. Poof.

Barry said...

"Why People Do What They Do?"

Asked that yesterday. I was in the car for a change (not my bike.) I stopped and yielded to a bicyclist before making my left turn. A lovely woman in a car behind mine blared the horn--guess she wanted me to plow right at the dude?
Apparently, she's anti-bike, and was hoping I was, too. When folks ask you to do their road-rage for them you really havta wonder what's going on out there.


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