Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Don't Get It

I am not sure why I see company vans driving erratically lately and I am not sure about my photog skills. A little blurry lately. This guy here was in such a big hurry to get behind the "Purple Semi". Bad idea for him, he found someone just as erratic or worse.


Janet said...

Like attracts like.

I've noticed company vans being driven foolishly, perhaps it's because the driver isn't financially responsible for any damage to the vehicle, since the company's insurance will cover it?

Yesterday I saw a recycling truck make a left turn at a very definite no-left-turn intersection, in front of oncoming traffic. I guess being a sanitation employee bestows the right to ignore traffic signs?

Barry said...

Couple years ago I saw a company van blow a red light South Minneapolis.
The business name was "Loving Child Care."


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