Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Little Too Close

Maybe this is just normal behavior.


Janet said...

Tailgaters make me so mad that I have to keep myself from slamming on my brakes.

Joshua said...

Cripes, that guy in the first picture could have at least bought you dinner first. :P

Barry said...

I don't blame you, Janet, but slamming the brakes will probably hurt you more than the tailgater.

In a really bad situation, I have signaled, and pulled over to let the nutcase go by.

Anonymous said...

Barry-yeah, probably, but it might make me feel better-unless Tailgater has a gun. I need to get me one of them cell phones that take video so I can film them tailgating just before I slam on the brakes. ;-)

Dale the Truck Driver said...

What about a movie also? Out of the question?


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