Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mosquito Control

Every little bit helps and the blue film left on your vehicle will slow down the rust. I am not sure about your lungs.


Joshua said...

I was out near Har Mar and the state fairgrounds on friday, and there must have been some kind of classic car event nearby because everywhere I turned there was a big shiny 40s or 50s classic. Real pretty until the crud they were spewing out of their tailpipes hit you. On the corner of Snelling & Larpenteur the air was blue with exhaust fumes. Makes me glad for the pollution control equipment we have on cars these days.

Janet said...

good Lord. Is that car on fire? or is it just real low on oil? When we still had e-checks, it would piss me off no end to see people like that blithely polluting while I was paying $20 a year to prove that my car was properly maintained.


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