Thursday, June 4, 2009


It was such a lovely day and one of my travels found me heading west out of the tunnel onto my favorite road.........  394.  A road where you just expect the, well you know the rest.  
One of my favorite moves is to put your small car in a space barely bigger than it is and then lay on the brakes.  Is this what they teach at Augsburg?  The closest I have ever been to that college is playing high school hockey.  I think I will stay farther away now.
I hope she doesn't represent all the ladies driving.

Here GIRLPWR is making the same move just mere moments later and she is off north onto 100 to confuse others and squeeze herself into tights spaces elsewhere.

Robbie Kneivel here might be related to the all powerful girl.  Nice move he made as he had to get in front of me a few miles earlier as seen above and slow down.  Sorry, I am a Robbie Maddison fan.

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