Friday, June 5, 2009

Is It Friday?

Definitely not a good way to start the weekend. The results of this crash are pretty much self explanatory. Not a lot of details but this link might help. It is interesting how all the media says the rider was not wearing a helmet. Not sure it would help in this situation.


kimbers said...

I drove by the accident today too. Very,very sad. My heart goes out to that man's family. For the record, the media should just shut up and quit automatically blaming victims. Helmet or not,in this instance, this poor man did not stand a chance... : (

Dale B said...

Assuming that the police cars are pointing in the direction of traffic flow at the time of the crash, it looks like the rider went wide in the turn and smacked the wall at the exit, either from too much speed or early apex, or both. This is a classic error and probably the most common cause of single vehicle motorcycle accidents.

These fly-over ramps at 100 and 394 are very nasty. They have nice long approaches and then get very tight very fast. There lots of marks on the outside wall of everyone of them.

Dale the Truck Driver said...

Sweet bike. I prefer riding the stretched pro-street style. But that is a very fast looking bike.


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