Saturday, June 27, 2009


Nothing like coming over four lanes to exit onto 169 from 394 in heavy traffic. One thing I have never figured out is why these delivery guys beat the shit out of their own vehicles? Isn't their car their job? If your car is in the shop, then what? No work? Pay for repairs? No money coming in? That is taking a double hit in the wallet.


Michael Thompson said...

There are a few boneheads out there, and those are the most noticed!
most couriers will quietly put on the miles, some I know are over 500,000 on their vehicle.
I I got over 300,000 on an old minivan that was given to me.
I just got a nice ranger pickup for work and hope to get over a half a million miles with gentle driving. oh and I am getting 37 mpg doing this too! :) mr quicksilver there is probably getting 15 :p

Dale the Truck Driver said...

He does have a sweet blue uniform shirt. Always a hit with the ladies.


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