Monday, June 29, 2009

The New Me

Hypocrite \Hyp"o*crite\, n. [F., fr. L. hypocrita, Gr. ?  one who plays a part on the stage, a dissembler, feigner.  One who plays a part; especially, one who, for the purpose of winning approbation of favor, puts on a fair outside seeming; one who feigns to be other and better than he is; a false pretender to virtue or piety; one who simulates virtue or piety.
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny thing about multi-tasking is you are bitching about people doing it, yet you are doing it yourself...while driving an eighteen-wheeler...hypocrite

June 29, 2009 12:21 PM

If I may........ What I am doing is simply hitting a button attached to a cord. What I am doing is watching what everybody around me is doing, or, paying attention to not only my driving habits but others as well. Funny thing is you try to piss me off or put me down all the time, yet you never leave your name. You are always bitching at me and about my pictures, yet you read this all the time. Don't you find that a little hypocritical? If this blog bothers you so much, don't read it. If I don't like a song or a talk radio subject, I change the station, pretty simple to do.


Barry said...

Ya won't hear any bitching outta me--unless you STOP taking pictures.

Keep up the good work. Maybe you can publish some kind of yearly magazine of all the freaks on the streets, and make a ton of money.
(Geez, can I be your agent?)

Don't let the hater(s) bug you. It's the Internet. Could be some dork living in his mommy's basement in Cleveland.

Dale the Truck Driver said...

Cleveland, what have they ever done?

Anonymous said...

Damn Dale, I havn't been on your site in a long ass time, yet you still put things on your site that say you don't care about me or what I have said in the past. It's just funny because you doing that shows that I did get to you and that makes my day. You pissed me off and I pissed you off :) It's just a big happy circle Dale! But all kidding asside.......that is a really nice bike but I was just wondering where the bitch is on back? I can't imagine a guy like you not having a sweet woman.

Dale the Truck Driver said...

How could an ugly old hypocritical bastard of a dumb truck driver like me ever have a sweet bitch to put on the back? And if you really think you are bothering me, sorry, your not. I realize it's easier for you you drag people down to you rather than rise up, but thank's for the compliment on my bike, it took me awhile but it was worth it.


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