Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tax Payer Money

I am curious as to why a state owned vehicle, hybrid or not would be speeding on 94 east. As a tax payer I do not want my hard earned tax dollars being wasted on a lead footed state employee. Anybody else agree or disagree?


Joshua said...

I agree that state, county and city employees should obey all relevant traffic laws when they drive cars owned by the government. It's not only a waste of gas paid for by the taxpayers for that guy to be speeding, but if he gets in a crash, we're out the cost of repairs.

Of course I also have this wacky idea that police should obey the law when they're not rushing to a call, and I regularly see cops doing rolling stops at stop signs and cutting yellow lights right as they turn red.

Janet said...

I wouldn't worry about it. Because there's most likely worse wastefulness being committed by 1000 other state and federal employees.


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