Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wrecks And Spins

This lady here in Cottage Grove took a right turn on a red light in front of me without stopping. So what, right? She apparently didn't like me so close and up came the finger. Not very lady like. If you wouldn't have run the red light I wouldn't be so close now would I?

Whoops, how embarrassing. By the looks of your front end it isn't the first time this has happened recently.

Smile, we are watching you. Why won't you look at me?

Some people get what they ask for by driving fast in crappy conditions. He might not admit it but this guy was hurrying all day to get to this spot. I wonder if it was worth it? You see Mr. 4X4, that is ice your driving on.

Funny thing about this sign? I was already west of Cedar. Thanks for the info.

Just another mystery why people end up like this.


Ry said...

Hi Dale the Truck Driver. I may not have many years or miles under my belt like you but I do try to follow the laws, driver etiquette and heaps of common sense.

My uncle's a truck driver and my dad has always instilled in me how to give way to trucks (like giving way to a truck merging onto a highway or passing me rather than speeding up) and being more cautious under inclement weather.

It's jungle out there! Thanks for giving us a front seat view so we can keep both are hands on the wheel and are attention on the road!

Dale the Truck Driver said...

Life is an adventure. Do you know what it's like when you buy a new car and all you want to do is drive? That's how my job is.


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