Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Short Bus Shift

The short bus traveled all the way down 169 in the left lane until the last second to exit on 7. Without trying to offend anybody, did this guy graduate from the back of the short bus to the front?


C. Mark said...

I like your site, I used to drive truck and went to Dakota Co. AVTI for training in the late 80's It was like boot camp for 6 months, really. It taught me a lot though!! I drive a small car and do try to drive carefully, using blinkers all the time, etc Keep up the good work

Dale the Truck Driver said...

How about that skid track?

Anonymous said...

It's really scary to think this driver is responsible for transporting KIDS!!!

Dale the Truck Driver said...

Well, some people will say it is the "short bus".


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