Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Dumb Place To Be

What day would not be complete without a few cars in the snow?
This guy here made an obviously bad judgement.

This guy should be thankful for the deep snow. It kept him out of the wire. But why he parked here I have no idea.


Paula said...

Ok - I was out Tues night about 10 pm and it was super slippery with cars off in the ditch turned the wrong way on the ramp etc etc....but does anyone slow down? To me - cars in the ditch are a warning - but apparently no one else thinks it could happen to them.

Paula said...

BTW - I like the cables...I gather you don't but I have seen people hung up on them who otherwise might have gone head on into the traffic on the other side. I would rather pay to have my own car fixed than go head on into someone else.

Dale the Truck Driver said...

I don't mind the cables. I'm sure some MnDot workers will have a career fixing them over and over. From what I have seen the past few days is when a vehicle gets tangled up in the cables, the vehicle stops right now. No bounce no nothing.

Handle: tyro said...

Having driven trucks for a
while, I have often wondered why truckers want
to have doodads hanging down in thier windshield
bouncing and swinging around. Seems like there
is enough going on outside without adding to the confusion and distraction, whatcha think, c'mon?

Dale the Truck Driver said...

I think I don't mind them and it keeps other guys out of my truck on my days off. Need to make a few sacrifices once in awhile.


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