Monday, January 26, 2009

Who's paying Attention?

How about drive? 40MPH on Hwy 36, at least they are in the right lane.

Great merging skills on the 494 strip.

Second thoughts about vistiting MOA?

It's not really that dirty.

Anybody driving this car?


Barry said...

Be nice to the slowpokes. My ol' car goes from zero-to-sixty next Thursday.

Tonight at 24mph in a 30 uphill, the FUV high beams flashed at me from behind. I got up to 31mph in the 30 with the FUV still ridin' me.
Then the pedestrian crossed against a red light. I jammed the brakes, hoping I wouldn't get creamed, too. When I started up again, the brights flashed. Finally, I signaled and pulled over to let him go by. Maybe his wife was havin' a baby. The FUV rolled past and then flew.
I wonder if I should say his plate number here? See if anyone knows who it is.

Dale the Truck Driver said...

Have you heard of

Paula said...

Thanks Dale - another way for me to waste time! I saw a cute plate last night "MS BS" - I thought "too bad someone beat me to that one!" (Not really - I am too cheap to pay for a personalized plate.)


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