Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Red Light Runners

Just another typical day? No, today was worse than most as people just kept on going. Maybe the thought was "it's slippery". All the more reason to be prepared to stop. Well, we all get the idea, it's all about me.


Anonymous said...

I like looking at your pictures and trying to figure out where you were - this is Anoka right?

Dale the Truck Driver said...

You are correct. Congratulations, you win a prize.

Anonymous said...

Ever hear the phrase,"Where's a cop when you need one?" Waiting in the left turn lane on Rice onto Co. Rd B, I watched the red arrow turn green, started my turn, and BLAM! I broadside a young chickee on the phone. My Saturn? Totaled. Her car? A couple of scrathes. She not only ran the red, but ran it in a right turn only lane. Now the beauty of it. The car that she blew by was a Maplewood squad. Witnessed the whole thing. Her insurance co. read the report and wrote me a check for $10 over the blue book without saying a word.
Thanks for listening, and for your site. Zydegator

Dale the Truck Driver said...

Thanks for reading and commenting. Sorry about your car but as long as you didn't get hurt it's replacable. I am by that area quite a bit. I know exactly what your talking about there.


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