Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I was wondering today what it must be like to plow into a guardrail? Is it any different that hitting the cable fence? Do you bounce? I only seen one car hit a guardrail. On 94 west where you exit onto 394. The guy smacked it pretty hard and I don't remember him bouncing off it. It more or less crushed absorbing the impact. These guardrails don't appear to have any shock absorbers so I would guess it might hurt a little.


Paula said...

Guardrails are to keep you from hitting a worse hazard (like the stuff seen behind the guardrails in your pics) or from going off a cliff...that said, guardrails do kill a lot of people, especially bikers. I guess they are the lesser of two evils but yeah I think they would hurt!

Dale the Truck Driver said...

Is it the guardrail or is it the cartwheeling through the air bouncing on the ground that kills bikers? Either way I really don't want to find out.


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