Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pull Your Heads Out

Amazing how people just don't get it. Crashes happen to other people, not me. Uh huh. To the Albertville Volunteer Firefighter driving his Dodge mini-van like any white angry guy who has to drive one and the cry baby in his so called souped up yellow Cavalier who I had the pleasure of being tailgated and flipped off and yelled at on my way home on 94 this evening, grow up and act your older ages and EEFFF UUUU!
Too much of this can lead to this....

I come across a lot of wrecks, I am careful not to use the "A" word as I was scolded last time I used it as I should have been. This is clearly avoidable as someone made a bad decision in life and look at all the people it affected.

That is really getting plowed into. I wonder how fast the rammer was going. I am guessing the ramee was stopped. Whiplash anyone?

Why let's try it over here on Hwy 65.

After seeing a wreck at a controlled intersection, why would you stop for a red light, moron?


Anonymous said...

Do people ever learn?

Paula said...

I have sometimes thought I would like to drive for a living...but I would go crazy seeing all of this stuff all day every is bad enough to see what I see on a 20 min commute each way.

My desk job isnt too thrilling...but at least no one is trying to kill me...that I know of anyway!

Dale the Truck Driver said...

Keep looking over your shoulder, you never know.

dirtcooker said...

That is hilarious...never heard them referred to as "rammer" and "rammee", but i love it. I don't like to see others' misfortunes, but when you do (as much as you have), you've got to consider, a lot has been brought on by their own stupidity. Once it happens, you can either laugh, cry, or get pissed off. Laughing is best, even when you wanna rip their heads off for being so stupid. But then again, ya ain't gotta rip heads off, they'll do themselves in. I love you man, and your blog.

Dale the Truck Driver said...

Thank you. I won't have to worry about you ripping my head off.


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