Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tight Spot

A little look over the shoulder before merging is not a bad idea.


Anonymous said...

My observation is the sportier or more expensive the car, the greater the sense of entitlement, that everyone should get out of their way and let them go where they want to go. I wish you'd crushed him like a beer can.

Laila said...

Gee.... you'd think these people would simply DIE if they had to step on the break and merge in behind you once in awhile.......

By the way, what kind of camera are you using for your pics? Is it a video camera or do you have a regular camera within reach at all times? :)

I'm trying to think of a solution for my own blog, I see so many nice big rigs on the road every day when I go to work but there's no way for me to get a pic of any of them while I drive (unless I wanna end up in YOUR blog lol... :))


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