Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Quiet Sunday Morning

While I was traveling on County Road 15 in the west metro I had the opportunity to encounter this person.

While there isn't anybody else on the road, is this still a good idea? The speed limit is 50 and drops to 35 at the curve.

When I see drivers making poor decisions I can only hope that this is in my future.


Kilt said...

When I lived in rural Ohio, I was passed on curves like that several times every day. I had seen 5 cars hit the ditch to avoid oncoming traffic while passing me on a blind corner--5 cars in just the one year I lived there!

Barry said...

When I get passed by a nutcase like that, I usually slow way down to protect him from his own stupidity.
But I think that's easier in my 1,900-lb compact car than it would be from eight feet up...

Janet said...

People either have a death wish, they are too stupid to know not to pass when a curve is ahead, or they're busy talking on the phone of texting. I wish I could stop people and ask which it is.


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