Saturday, May 16, 2009

Nice Move Buddy

Nothing like putting yourself in a bad spot and inconveniencing everybody else. What you cannot hear is the red truck tires skidding. He bailed onto the shoulder. When this guy made it to 394 of course he was in the left lane as soon as possible.


Michael Thompson said...

great sequence! nice camera work!
i am a courier in the twin city area and am having to put up with this all the time. i do my best to not make the mistakes you show on this blog. i am doing my best to not do some myself, i dont want my little white ranger to be one one of these pics hehe.
I am linking this to my blogspot, keep up the good work!

Barry said...

Keep the camera rollin' !!!

Janet said...

"I'm important. My business is important. All you other peons must either yield to my wishes or get the hell out of the way."

I hope karma gets that driver and he blows a tire while doing 80.

alternative comment: where the heck are the cops when things like that happen??


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