Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Dreaded Double White Line

It is so nice to see that people from other states show the same disregard for the simplest traffic laws as us Minnesotans do. Of course these laws are in place for our own safety and for a constant steady traffic flow, which very few people seem to understand.


Paula said...

OMG....I need to get back to Coon Rapids and here is a double white line....OMG....what if I end up in Uptown?....OMG....I NEED to get over to the FREEWAY!....ok, crossed it...all better now....OMG...a TUNNEL!!!!

Janet said...

Some people just like the adrenaline rush that happens when you wait till the last few seconds to make a decision whether or not to exit.

Anonymous said...

Heck Dale, come down to the Bloomington Ferry Bridge (US169) northbound from Shakopee in the AMs....want to talk about not understanding double white lines and an entire bridge that can be used to merge. Another hotspot of mine is leaving downtown (old) Shakopee...101 to old 212....the bridge crossing the Minnesota River...another turn lane with double white lines....idiots ACTUALLY stop instead of driving the lenght of the bridge to merge. Or my fav...going around the concrete median divider for the right turn lane on the bridge...supposed to only go straight on 69. Keep up your good work. Pennagirl


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