Sunday, November 23, 2008

Watching A Cop

As I was heading home on this fine Sunday afternoon after working 60 hours this past week I had a Maple Grove cop enter 169 behind me a few cars back. Being the observant driver that I am I instinctively knew all cars would slow down and everybody would be on their best behavior. Not quite, near 694 where the third lane starts a car in the left lane cut across all three lanes to exit on eastbound 694 in front of the cop. Surely this would warrant a traffic stop. Nothing. Next, a lady with a lap dog entered onto 169 from 694 when I was exiting and in front of the cop. The lap dog was just that as the dog was easily blocking her view on her mirror. She went on her way and we went on ours to westbound 694. On 694 a passenger van decided at the last moment he was going to exit onto southbound 169 from the middle lane again in front of the cop. Now this must be a violation of the law here in Minnesota? We went our way, the van went his. As I moved over a lane the cop came up aside me. Now I know why these people were not talked to about their actions. He kept looking down into his lap and every few seconds or so look to see where he was going. I am going to assume that, by watching many others with the same actions that he was not examining anything down there, but he must of been........ Texting. I thought this was banned. I think someone very important, maybe Winston Churchill, said "if texting is outlawed, then only outlaws will text!" My point and yes it took long enough to make is, had I just shit canned it and started speeding, I most likely would have been stopped. So speeding is more dangerous than inattentive driving. I certainly don't want to see anybody stopped, but if your breaking a traffic law you deserve what you get, or like today, what you don't get.

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