Thursday, November 27, 2008

Let's Play Chicken, Shall We?

This lady I met on 35E at County Road 14. A little background is needed to help my story. My truck only does 62 MPH. The company turned them back because of the cost of fuel. Certainly understandable. With the heavy traffic I had my cruise set at 55MPH as I do most days. I stay in the right lane and let everybody pass me. What I am doing is staying out of the way and not tying up traffic.
Miss red Cobalt, a vehicle that weighs maybe 1500 pounds was on the "acceleration lane" not accelerating. As she neared the merge point I heard her blaring her horn. She can certainly out run me and get ahead of me but she didn't. I often wonder if people actually look for a reason to get pissed off. I think she did. She got in behind me and immediately went into the left lane where she accelerated. When she came next to me she slowed as I knew she would. She leaned over and was yelling at me.
Did she think I could hear her? Even though she didn't know how to merge and even though she was blocking traffic now, apparently I am the jackass causing problems. I figured we were done when she decided I wasn't going to play with her. But, I was wrong. She moved in front of me and slowed down again. Every few seconds tapping her brakes. Making a point? Showing who was in charge? Letting me know that I am a lesser person? This went on for quite awhile maybe five miles or so. I am guessing she got bored with me and found someone else to play her game. I did see her near downtown St. Paul later on and she must have forgotten me because when I passed her she didn't even look at me.
So my point is, if you can accelerate in the left lane at a highly agitated state, why can't you accelerate on the acceleration lane? Why would you play chicken with a truck that weighs 80,000 pounds when your car doesn't weigh 2000 pounds? I don't go to peoples employment and endanger their lives, why would you do this to me and everybody else around us?
I only wish it had been a little later in the morning, my photography stinks when the sun is not up yet.


Anonymous said...

Why is it that nobody understands that an acceleration lane is to accelerate, not to get onto the ramp only to stop at the end of it causing potential problems for the drivers behind on the ramp and drivers that are at highway speed???

Accelerate = get up to highway speed to merge - MN is one of the worst places for this.

Dale the Truck Driver said...

I think it is not covered to well in the almighty handbook on driving.


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