Friday, January 30, 2009

What Are You Doing? Or, It's Friday!


Passing in a no passing zone. Good idea.

Gang way.

Pardon me!

Why doesn't this surprise me.

Great way to start the weekend.

The "Beer Truck 3 lane Shift". I wonder why I don't like Bud.

Chelly is apparently being missed but I am not crazy enough to take a stroll through the Lowry Hill Tunnel.

I guess when a ramp meter light is down we can make the ramps three wide. Is this NASCAR?

Cedar Avenue

I wouldn't have the patience to do this every day. If the economy is so bad and people are losing their jobs, why does traffic still suck?

The Dreaded Crosstown

Will the new construction help traffic? I doubt it. We could have 16 lane highways and we still would have jammed traffic. I used to like to use the Crosstown through Edina. It was fun to mix it up with the Jaguars and Bentley's. Sadly these people are probably using their helicopters to get to work now.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

An Informational Billboard

Instead of speaking up how about bitch slapping against reckless driving?

Nice Driving Douche Bag

Thanks to being slightly unprepared even though I figured this knucklehead was going to make this move the pictures came out blurry. What you can see is this guy cutting in front of me. What you can't see in the vehicle that was in the left lane just ahead of him and he was traveling I would guess at 65 or 70 in a 55MPH zone. You can see he is not alone. You can also see he's a dumb ass. What you can't also see is he stopped at a red light to take a left on Hwy 7.


Is that you?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Who's paying Attention?

How about drive? 40MPH on Hwy 36, at least they are in the right lane.

Great merging skills on the 494 strip.

Second thoughts about vistiting MOA?

It's not really that dirty.

Anybody driving this car?

Sunday, January 25, 2009


This fine lady couldn't get anywhere with all her weaving in and out of traffic. All why smoking a cig and talking on the phone. I was happy she was by herself.

Threading The Needle

Some people are just a little more important than others.

Passing On A Ramp?


Never Seen This Before

Even the ugly box style cars are not immune to the good ol' three lane shift.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tattoo's Anyone?

Check Tommy out if your in the Minneapolis area. Awesome guy and ask him about the story of the fight on the city bus, not your ordinary rumble.

A(nother) Humorous Blog

MCTO Bus driver Jeanne who has a sense of humor similar to mine but not quite as complex.

The Short Bus Shift

The short bus traveled all the way down 169 in the left lane until the last second to exit on 7. Without trying to offend anybody, did this guy graduate from the back of the short bus to the front?

Just Proving I Am Not Biased

I am always going out on a limb, so who's the problem here? Me or the other truck? Having a truck ride your as at 70MPH or more is nerve racking enough but hitting the brakes isn't going to make the situation any better. I hope "Jake The Crier" reads this so he can see that I don't care for this too much.

You Name This Post

Somebody help me out. Say whatever you want and even swear if you need to.

A Few More Guardrails Demolished

I always wonder what hit and who won? If the guardrail looks this bad I wouldn't want to be the other guy.

WTF Thursday

As this guy pulled off my favorite move this FUV came up on my right side fast. I don't think the Taurus ever saw him causing the FUV to dart in front of me. Not the wisest choice but I actually was paying attention for once and not fiddling around with my cameras so everything turned out okay. With the passengers in the car, what would you say to a driver who makes this maneuver with you in the car? My response most likely would be a slap upside the head. Quiet but to the point.

I can honestly say I have never had to shovel one of my vehicles.

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