Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Last Post...............

....................For the year. my travels today took me all the way to Brainerd. I was pretty nervous because if I can't see the IDS then I might get lost. Everything turned out okay even with the icy roads. Hopefully next time I am in this area it is about 100 degrees warmer and I am pulling a boat instead. Welcome to Brainerd, Yeeeaaaahhhh.
One stop fun in the land of Paul Bunyan.

Nice to see that things aren't much different in Brainerd.

Everybody's friends Paul and Babe. Not sure what Babe is smelling, not so sure I want to know.

Really? I hadn't noticed the previous 60 miles I had driven. Thanks for the info.

My constant buddy Mack and I on a lonely stretch on Hwy 371 near Little Falls.

Just trying to be cool and stay on the road. At least I didn't go in the ditch. One out of two isn't bad.

Just a bit nippy today. Or maybe just my glowing personality that was icing up my window. No other windows had this problem.

I'm not sure what this guy was doing. At one point he was spinning around. Then he decided to drive down the shoulder for a few miles.

Alrighty then. Maybe I should have that on the back of my truck.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Day Off At Work

I am guessing that paying attention to your surroundings would have helped in this situation. Maybe not?

Those front bumpers don't hold up too well when you go head on into the cables.

Oh, if I only owned a tow truck service. Think of how fun a blog of that job would be.

I don't think the cable fences give way much. At least from what I can see how far she bounced.

A Suburban is a preferred "ditch runner" vehicle. 4 wheel drive isn't helping this lady out but it might have helped her in.

Some people just don't like to look when they are entering a roadway. I can only slow down so fast. This was this lady's lucky day.

No Shit! What has this state come to when we need a sign to tell us it's slippery when we are already driving on the road? Hmm? It's snowing, I wonder if it's slippery? Wait, I know, look at the pictures above again. Yes, we do need a sign.

Monday, December 29, 2008

A Fine Christmas Eve

This is just a fraction of my Christmas Eve. It is a wonder to me why people get so crazy and go haywire this time of year. I never look forward to this time of year driving. Too all the people who cut me off and endangered my life as well as yours and anybody who might have been less fortunate to be riding with you, Merry Effing Christmas, jackasses!

On Hwy 7 west of 494 at 50 MPH this lady must have had some last minute shopping to take care of. I wonder if she was humming " I'll be home for Christmas" in a body bag.... C'mon sing along.......

This guy in the green Dodge made about 8 lane changes so he could exit at Hwy 13 off 77. Made perfect sense to me.

The dreaded soccer mom, and she drove like one too.

I am happy to report that the van did make it into the right lane to exit on east 62.

At 31st and Stevens Ave. if you don't or can't wait in line just make an illegal lane change. Then when your on 35W you can stop in traffic there instead of Stevens Ave. Never mind that it is slippery and hard to get traction in the plowed snow.

I never seen anything. I wonder how often MnDot forgets to clear the boards?

Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Very Busy Week

As the year ends I never get much time off. At least I didn't spend Christmas Eve like this guy. Soon my quality photog skills will be available for all to enjoy once again.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Aftermath And Ignorance On The Road

This makes it all worth it. The early morning sun dogs.

4 wheel drive, enough said.


Kick ass cycle shop. Made me think of summer riding with no worries.

A good way for Minneapolis to save money is to quit plowing the sidewalks since this guy was about the 100 or so I seen walking in the streets. Also, is it the "in thing" to never zip your coat up?

I wonder what people think when they pull in front of 80,000 pounds.

In Burnsville this gets you pulled over, here in the Park is a different story.

When it's slippery on the roads do as you please.

This guy gave me the finger. Why? I guess being in my lane to exit was a problem for him. In my years of driving when someone gives me the ol' number one I think they are just telling me their I.Q. Standard Heating won't be getting any business from me ever.

This lady was so intent on getting in front of me. The ramp here is a little slippery as you can see there is no road spray. Never a good thing when it looks wet.

This guy cut it a little close. As you can see he wasn't looking at me in his mirror.

If it's too cold out and you can't take it no more, there is nothing wrong with curling up with a blanket and forgetting the world for awhile.

A Little Tap On The Bumper

Probably not the best place to stop after a little bump. There are two guys in between the cars bent over. They are lucky they didn't become a car sandwich with the way people were driving on Monday.

No harm no foul, I guess. Maybe get off the ramp so we can get by?

Monday, December 22, 2008

A Blizzardy Saturday

Another unfortunate soul that has to work in a blizzard.

The guy on the left is shoveling. I think he might be there for some time.

This move gets you stopped by the Burnsville Police. I am sure the excuse was "it's slippery".

Hard to see at times.

Nothing like being the meat of an accident. Someone was thinking because they were off the road.

My nemesis of the day. Why snow kept amassing here was beyond me. I even tried roasting the windshield but it didn't matter, we were stuck together for the day.

You have to look at the bright side, you didn't go into the wire. I am thinking the 4 wheel drive probably did get you where you are though.

Another 4 Wheeler driving on anything but pavement.

Here's Joe, just hanging out keeping it on the road.

Not much you can do when the airbag goes off. I guess slowing down and staying off the brakes is out of the question now.

Through it all we made it, one of us warmer and drier than the other but we made it. Don't worry Mack, when your retired I have a nice warm spot in my den for you and you will never have to see days like this ever again.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Teaser From The Blizzard

The last 48 hours had me working 28 of those with more on Monday. I really haven't had time to show off my great photography skills, but don't despair for I will be showing them off real soon.

This guy has the right idea of heading south on 35. He exited on County 42 in Burnsville. I would have exited in Laredo, Tx and continued south where you never have days like this.


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