Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Acabamos de Volver de Mexico

El tiempo era cálido y la cerveza fría. The fishing wasn't too bad either. No swine flu either which probably upsets a few people.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Always Impatience On Minnesota Roads

I know where I fit in with society. This guy was just reminding me and everybody else stuck behind me what peons we are. A little patience would have helped this guy. I wonder how he would have felt if I acted this way towards him. I will never know because I will never see him again. So I got that going for me.

So Much Work........

........ For so little gain. Wedge yourself into tight spots for what? To stop at a red light.

A Dummy Driving A Jetta

Certainly this was a good move. Always a good idea to enter 394 from an exit lane blindly.

Lane Changing

I realize that Saturn's are a high performance vehicle, but come on, give the guy ahead of you a break. Those Camry's can't possibly keep up. Glad I moved into the left lane so I could witness the full power of a sweet Saturn.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Somebody please explain this one to me.

Just Another Day, Another Idiot

It's too bad still photos can't show how fast someone is going. My camera could not keep up to him. My camera also doesn't show who could be coming up on my right side which this dummy would have never seen as he pulled off his moronic move. I do like the fact that he doesn't need a seat belt. The way he drives it probably wouldn't help. Once again I was missed by mere feet and if a certain anonymous person wants to comment of my stereotyping, be my guest.

Some People......

Can you find the black Camry?
Why here they are in the middle lane with a bunch of vehicles in the right lane where they need to be.

What's a person to do?

Just move over, that's all.

Whew, just made it.

I am so glad that I drive unsafe and don't see this happening down the road. Why would I look down the road past my hood and of course, past Mack.

Monday, April 13, 2009


I wonder if Mr. Avalanche ever wonders why traffic backs up?


Does anybody see that it is ironic that this mini-van has "Critical Habitat" plates? Doesn't speeding burn more gas therefore putting more pollutants into the air which damages the environment? Of course the three lane shift and tailgating does nothing to the habitat of Minnesota.

Excuse Me?

Here is a lane change that is a little too close.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


What I would like to see happen to a certain person who shall remain anonymous.

A Fine Afternoon Drive

I have been accused of thinking I am perfect, which I am not. I have been threatened, I have been called names. Why? Because of people like this lady here. Hey, it happens all the time. I am the idiot, not her. I am being dangerous for using a camera while watching everybody around me and being aware of my surroundings. This lady yaking on her phone isn't the problem, I am. I am so glad this has been pointed out to me.


Here is another classic. Again this fine lady just isn't familiar with the area and she missed her exit. What is a person to do? Why you make an illegal u-turn of course. I know she was just going to drive on the shoulder until she sped up. But does everybody else know that? She didn't look to happy when she seen my camera but sometimes you get what your asking for even when you don't realize it.


How necessary are these signs on a Saturday afternoon? I thought the state needed to make cutbacks?

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