Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another Video

Yes, I know they can be boring. This one is on 169 in the terrible rain and snow of October 26th. Just keep watching to about 4:30. Ignore the wiper and excuse my language. This clown was in my blind spot for a few moments before deciding to pass me and exit. As you will see it is all for naught as I passed this high performance Taurus a mere seconds later. Just goes to show you how little people pay attention. Of coarse you also get to see my quality merging skills and listen to XM 77 for soothing sounds which I guess didn't work for me.


I know you do not tolerate this behavior that I photographed. But what gets me is this kids parents are probably driving in this manner. That is the problem. You have parents who think that once their child is 15 and has their permit they start to pay attention to how their parents are driving. Wrong! I have been swore at, given the finger, and cut off and had the brakes jammed on by many teenagers and everyone else. On this job to be successful one must be a mind reader. Most people take the same action as they are very predictable. Every once in awhile somebody throws me a curve ball. Aggressive, inattentive, ignorant, call it what ever you want driving is probably the only thing in common for any race, gender, or age. It is the bond that shows no prejudice of all Minnesotans. With that said, I hope you know that I was not seeking to expose any driving school for bad driving habits. I did find it very ironic that for the day I was having and what I was seeing all day it just fit. Had I been a little quicker i would have taken a picture of a driving instructor who was stopped by the Plymouth Police Department, but...... It was not a safe time to attempt it. So in closing all I can say I am sorry it was your school that I photographed, thank you for the kind comments and please keep reading.

Hey! Look Before You Move!

I often ask myself, yes outloud and I also answer myself outloud, "what are you thinking?" Why do some drivers cut it so close. So, here is a few photo's of drivers getting in what I like to call....... The Idiot Zone......

Also On Saturday....

Why is it people can text on their phones at 80MPH and zigzag through traffic like nothing. But, turn on a sign with three stinking lines and what happens? Why do these people make it so easy for me?

The Weekend (Not for me)

On Saturday afternoon I was traveling south on 169 to 494. I saw something that really irked me. Or maybe I should say who irked me. This white truck from Westurn Roofing came across three lanes in front of me right at the 494 east ramp. This has happened to me a million times or more. But what I seen on this truck was a little disturbing. If you look at the license plate you will notice a Firefighter plate. What? Why would you conduct yourself in such a manner. Look at one of my earlier posts. My dad worked in Minneapolis for 30 years as a fulltime Firefighter. My dad taught me how to drive. What gives? In our society it is socially acepted to drive like an asshole no matter if you have your company name or a Firefighter plate on your vehicle. I always try to stay away from vehicles with ladders attached to them and this is more proof to my theory. Beware of the contractor because he is most likely on his phone and doesn't give a shit about you or anyone else, except if your a customer. Does anybody realize you can exit from the left lane by taking the frontage road to 494 east? Okay, I feel better.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Yaking While Merging

Ever enter a freeway without looking? I can't recall ever trying this. How about trying this will a phone up to the left side of your head? The lady in the maroon Ford SUV didn't have enough room for GH at the end of her plate. Seemed to me this was how she was driving.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

WTF Thursday.....

I have no idea what the fjunk was going on today. Complete utter stupidity right from the start. How about some pictures and just a comment or two about what I seen today. Please feel free to add your own also. So first off.....

Pardon the flash, oops my b. The famous 394 East pinch. Look close and this idiot stopped the west bound traffic just so he didn't have to wait in line back near Penn Ave. So if you were wondering why traffic sucked this morning, I blame this guy.

I don't see any problems here....

Here either.....

Hey, go ahead that stop sign was meant for me, somebody turned it. The vandals along Minnehaha Ave turned all of them....

BAX Global has exemptions from double white lines. $1,000,000 to study and paint these. I am thinking this guy like many others don't read much.

This guy passed me at well over the 55MPH speed limit on 169 just south of 694.

13 miles later.... Here we are at 5th Ave in Hopkins. Thanks for holding the light for me.....

And finally, if you ever question why people drive the way they do...... Here is your answer...... All I can do is shake my head.

Mack would shake his head but.......

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hwy 100 & 394 Pinch

Isn't this just a lovely spot on our highways. MnDot engineers designed this for better traffic flow. Nice and wide, plenty of space to move. What a waste of concrete and asphalt. Not only does the silver Saab cut across all four lanes, if you look farther you can see the Tahoe and a white SUV also do the same. Why is it when MnDot tries to improve our roads and lives these jackass' have to figure out a way to screw it up? Maybe we should go back to the two lane roads. Uh, yeah they don't work either if you look at the previous post. Why do these people make it so easy for me?

Ugh, it's Wednesday.....

Here I am on Hwy. 47 this fine rainy Wednesday morning. Hey, what's this guy thinking? Are you actually in that big of a hurry? Your life, not mine. Oh, but what about the unsuspecting person that might be heading our way? I guess the double yellow stripe no passing law is exempt if.... a.)A slow moving truck is in front you. b.)Your an idiot.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall Riding

BBBRRRRRR!!!!! Ride hard and often, or stay home.........

A Video

Just a short video of a recent trip on 494 at 35W. A normal evasive move forced by some drivers who apparently think that objects aren't as close in their mirrors, if they happen to look in them. Find it here at youtube(where else). As always comments are appreciated, good or bad. Please copy and paste as for some computer problem or me, it doesn't link.....

Chip's Anyone?

How are you going to eat those when their behind you? I wonder if the driver knows that in a crash his bag of chips would be a 10oz. projectile...... I also notice Mack eyeing that bag up. He's probably tired of eating road spray and grime all day long. Not the same car as shown here at this link to Roadguy from the Strib.

Monday, October 20, 2008


I have had many people ask me "why I have a camera mounted to my dash?" I ask "why don't you?" For all the weird and different things I see I have always said "I wish I had a camera." Now I do. How glorious it is. I was in Blaine Sunday morning. I seen this behind a strip mall. I wish I could have seen the car and I am not sure when this happened but it must have been recently. How fast must someone drive to launch themselves into a little wetland? I'm guessing pretty fast. Poor lil' duckies and frogs, trampled by human ignorance again..... I just don't get it. First, once you lock your brakes, you can't steer. Second, you are right where you are supposed to be even if you don't realize it or accept it. Explain this one. "Uh, Officer, uh, you see, uh, I was going about 30, and uh, I,uh, a frog jumped in front of me and, uh, I swerved. Idiot. If you act like a moron expect to be treated like a moron. Enough said.....and I am off to help my buddy Tommy from work. See you soon folks.

Another Jackass of the Day

I encountered this fellow on my way home. I noticed a bright yellow streak behind me as this "asshole" entered 94 from 101 in Rogers. Across the apex into the left lane. All I could see when he made such a brilliant move was the right side of the "banana boat". I think we passed each other 5 or 6 times. I don't believe I ever changed speeds. Needless to say I think he paid a little more for his truck and he treats it this way. I say this because he obviously doesn't care about anybody but himself, but I am thinking if he beats the shit out of his own vehicle, does he care if he slams into anybody? Nice lane change, at least he signals, then slams on the brakes. I wonder what his driving record is like........ Nice to know I probably will never see him again, or I hope not.

Finally Sunday, or Monday.....

The end of another work week. I sure can tell when the Viking's are out of town. Even if I am not near Downtown Minneapolis. Traffic is a little tamer, sometimes..... I have noticed, surprise, that I see a lot of drivers make sudden lane changes, merge, exit, what have you and they never signal. But then the unexpected happens as they turn at an intersection, they signal. My example today kids is this fine fellow in his Jeep, remember it's a Jeep thing. This guy is on the phone, leaning into the middle of his Jeep. Never signaled when he cut in front of me on 169. I watched him make about 8 lane changes and never once signaled. After all his dicing and slicing through traffic, he was right in front of me again. Of course he would cross the apex to exit, no signal, onto Excelsior Blvd, no signal, but wait....... He signals while he is in a right turn lane for 5th Ave in Hopkins. One question Mr. Quest. Why? That's all I want to know. My neck is sore from shaking my head. If only Mack could shake his

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Maybe they will work, maybe they won't. Stay tuned.............

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Something Different Today

I had my tattoo's touched up on Monday at 555 Studios in South Minneapolis. Check the blog at Tommy is having an art show so if you are into art like I am(surprise) go check it out starting this Saturday. If you are looking for a tattoo artist, Tommy is also your man. He works by appointment only so see him at his myspace site
Mas trabajo manana, quiza vaccaciones proximo semana, espero.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jackass of the Day

Not much to say about this guy on 169 at Crosstown. Just notice the point of the apex. Moron patrol will be back next week loaded with more photo's. I only hope someone sees themselves.

494 at 35W Sunday

What does a road closing do? Why in Minnesota it brings out the worst in people. Everyone must get to the front of the line now and not let anybody in front of them because they should have moved 12 miles back. The guy in the white van became angry with me because I actually moved after the apex. If I was quick enough and more dangerous I would have taken his picture with his finger sticking straight up telling me who's numero uno. News for ya buddy, not the first, not the last. What's a poor truck driver to do?

Sunday, Bloody Sunday...... And Some Saturday

Not in the U2 sense, but more like the English oh bloody ell.... Sunday has to be the worst for getting around. More so during football season. The Purple Idiot's are out and about and with gas prices down there are more cars on the road now. But alas, I do not disappoint. I found many and many photo opportunities and I was called dangerous by Prof. S and spuzzz from Roadguys blog at Yes, you might think I am not attentive or I am hypocritical, but if I was as perfect as you two I wouldn't be driving a truck now would I? Where do I start? How about the apex thing again? Yes, you be the judge as to who is dangerous and who is not. Yeah, I guess I shouldn't be on the road. The lady in the silver car heading towards Savage came from my right side at about 80MPH. Maybe she should have noticed the skid mark she seemed to be following, but I have a feeling she was going a little to fast to see it.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Hwy 55, Plymouth, MN

This guy decided he need to get by me so he pulled into the right turn lane at Industrial and 55. Just before the light turns green he shit cans it. Then he went north on Northwest Blvd. Sure about 1/4 mile down 55 the road widens to 3 lanes, but I am guessing he was in a hurry to get to McDonald's. Also on 55 this guy apparently pissed of somebody. Being the Union man that I am, I am glad to see someone standing up for themselves.

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