Friday, July 31, 2009

Too Trusting

If you look at this lady in her mirror you will notice she never once looks in it. A little too busy yapping. And I know, what about me taking pictures? I saw her, she didn't even know I was there, and she's on my blog, I bet I am not on hers.

Floods Of Yesteryear

When crossing the Minnesota on 101 you are greeted with this sign. Can't say I was around for the highest mark but I had a few years of driving for the lower mark.

Nice Name

The "official" meeting place for the anti-Dale The Truck Driver get togethers.

In A Hurry?

Sorry, my truck only goes 62MPH. I did count three other lanes though........

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Even On 494

494 much like 394 has the few people who act totally confused as too why traffic is backed up. As like another foreign car from a few days ago, this guy had the same habits. With 35W closed over the weekend, Cedar was the detour, which was clearly marked. This guy was predictable as to his intentions. Not the type of car I would use to back up a traffic lane.

Damn Hitchhikers


Hmm. Red Light? This guy was right behind me.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Anonymous Barry said...

Usually I go along with everything you say, Dale, but I think I'm gonna have to disagree with you ...

1) If cars behind you were scattering, it was not the fault of the driver in front of you; it was their fault for following too close to you.

2) The offender did apologize. That's a rare treat. I realize it doesn't undo the damage, but it beats the alternative. Usually, the road raging types smirk like they're saying 'gotcha.' I think the old dude was really sorry.

3) If he's a vet--he did what I would have been way too chicken-#$%* to do myself--so I don't care if he spends all his money collecting bottle caps.

Keep the camera

Disagree all you want but think of this.

1) What right does someone have to stop on the roadway other than an emergency?

The guy didn't want to wait. Guess what? I am sure nobody else wanted to wait, but they did. It's part of being civil towards each other. Do you think people like this guy wonder why traffic sucks? It's because of guys like him.

2) If someone pointed a gun and you and fired off a round, then apologized, would that be okay?

I would be upset as most people would be. Same premise.

3) How many American cars are in Japan with Japanese Vet plates?

Most likely none.

4) A huge part of the economy problem is Americans don't buy American products. I will walk long before I would ever buy a foreign car. History shows that if the UAW and Teamsters are not getting raises, neither is the rest of the middle class.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

394 Idiot

Here we see this fine maroon Honda Accord in front of me. Looks peaceful, right? Let me tell you what was behind me. First though, I must say this guy was in the left lane and moving pretty good. Was moving. He passed me and moved in front of me. Then he stopped. Yes, stopped. In the middle lane. This dummy stopped in the middle lane while I was doing about 40 to 45 MPH weighing in at a slim 80,000 pounds. That's 40 tons. That is about 40 of those Honda Accords. I didn't hit him. I don't know if it was the tires screeching or he just happened to look in his mirror and see a large truck getting too close too fast. As for behind me, it looked like Turn 4 at Talledega with the big one happening. I am not exactly what happened, all I seen was cars scattering. I bet this guy didn't think how his selfish act of ignorance could affect so many.

If you look over the van you can see him moving into the right lane.

Maybe one of his relatives?

Here he is stopped again, and he was trying to somehow tell me he might have been sorry by waving with both hands out the window. A little late for that. I knew what would be ahead for me when I reached my destination. Picking up his mess. One more thing. I have been called a hypocrite lately, but having a Veterans plate on a Japanese car? A true American. ( I have edited out my last comment but it rhymes with "chuck u. farley")

A Beamer Jackass

Minnesota Statute 169.999: It shall be deemed lawful to pass two semi-trucks in a row while crossing double white lines and giving each driver the finger only while driving a BMW.

I never knew this law existed.
I am sorry I called him a jackass.

Always Room For The Asshole

Believe it or not this guy was not alone. There were two kids in the back seat. And yes, the light at the bottom of the ramp was red.


Those tire caps can do quite a bit of damage, and they do scare the shit out of a guy when they let go.

Odd Move

Not too often a guy with in a truck will move behind someone and hit the brakes. Anyone else find the new runway odd when planes are a mere 50 feet or so above you?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Pulling in front of a semi is never a good idea.

Hwy 55

Home of the infamous Pacman.

These signs and dots have been here for a few years.

If you have ever traveled on 55 toward Buffalo you can see that most Minnesotans can't or don't read.

Just another example of tax payer money well spent.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Teamsters Strike Anniversary


I haven't picked on cab drivers for awhile. I may not like their driving habits but you will never hear me question their citizenship because I obviously can't see their birth certificates.

A Lot Of Protection

If I ever see this pole knocked down I will be amazed.

I Just Don't Understand

Some days are worse than others, but come on. You can't make this stuff up. I realize traffic lights change for no reason, but how big of a hurry does one have to be?

Nice Paint Job

Not the colors I would pick.

On further inspection it's not painted at all. I didn't know duct tape came in so many colors.

Always In A Hurry?

Look through this guys truck and you can see a car just to his left.

Hard to believe where some people put themselves. Maybe this guy should have just backed off a little. He still had plenty of room to make the exit. Ironically he moved back into the left lane to get onto Crosstown.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Oh I Wish

I was an Oscar Mayer Weiner, whatever.

Friday, July 17, 2009

A Sad Day

It has come to this. Time to ghetto out the dreaded "Mini-Van". Just what everybody wants is a loud muffler on their Caravan. Life will never be the same from here on out.

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