Friday, February 27, 2009

Puesta del sol Hermosa

The only thing that comes to mind is..... Sucks to be home.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Muy Peligro Caminos

People are always worried when driving in Mexico about "Banditos." Hardly anyone ever talks about the "Luchadors." They jump right out of the trees while your are heading down the road. Apparently this one should have checked his pants before heading out of his casa.

Mas grande gringo el luchador.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Adiós Becario Controladores

I will be here out of the snow and cold drinking un poco frio cervesas. See you all after awhile. When I return bike building time.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Don't Think......

............That is enough air to fix a flat, and how many guys does it take to look at a tire. Minnesota 1, Wisconsin 4.


What would posses a guy to do this to his cycle? Hey, I am a guy who is never happy and has to improve everything he has. And, the frame was recalled for bad welds. Bad welds = no more blog and I can only think of a few people who would want that, right Professor?

A Finger Flippin Chick

I again was a little slow but this lady was anything but turtle like. After entering directly into the left lane she got about as close as she could to my rear without even asking my name. She then as any self important , hmm, female dog would do, exited from the left lane while showing me her fine manicure on one of her fingers. Someday I will get the long awaited photo I want and someday she will act the same way with results different that happened on this day. Good luck when your finger is bent backwards and your head is being bounced off the steering wheel.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Hate It When This Happens

I wonder what the inside smells like? It looks like Mack (not my Mack) fared pretty well.
An update here is the truck was stopped and a gust of wind blew it over.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Why Do People Do What They Do?

After two days off because a death in the family I went to work this morning at (ick) 3am. I regretted that decision at 3:05am as I just wasn't feeling the love this morning. I did however make a day of it and gee, what did I see today?

I often ponder if someone would walk this close behind someone else.

Yes Virginia, those are reverse lights and yes they did back up on 169 near 494 and yes they did turn around in the median.

Some truck drivers do hit the shoulder to shake of tailgaters, however I would never do that.

All those buttons are for is something to do while waiting........

.......But this guy takes it to the next level. Poking a stick at a crosswalk button is new to me.

How could a person pull in front of 80,000 pounds?

Need I say anymore?
I have seen a few of your relatives today.

Teenagers, no seat belts, speeding. All a good combination.

Stopping in the crosswalk won't get you any farther.

Happy 45th birthday Bro.

I Was Wrong

Since I am nothing like the Fonz I can admit when I am wrong. Since most of my day also requires me to be a mind reader although I am not as good as Karnac or the Amazing Kreskin,I do surprise myself from time to time. This little red car had me 100% sure Regis that they would be in the left lane long before the vehicle ahead of them even attempted to merge. I also predicted that they would exit onto east bound 394. Again, I was wrrrrggg, I mean wrong. Believe it or not I am just a mere mortal with an uncanny sense of not knowing what the people around me are going to do.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

This Made Sense

Nothing like speeding to change lanes and slow down.

Bewilderment or is Donna J signaling a successful field goal? Does anybody do this anywhere but in their car?

Some Big Rigging

If you look in the mirror the passenger doesn't seem all that concerned about riding the ass of this FUV.

Of course the right lane is open as they are passing me at about 70MPH.

Just when you think he couldn't get any closer..... Wrong, and his left brake light isn't working.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Fine Freezing Wednesday

A whole year campaigning and I never knew.

One second he's in the left lane........

..............the next he's in the right lane. Anticipation must be a talent.

Hmm, that's a poopy job. No thank you.

Keeps the heat in and the sun light out. The new fashion for the older FUV's, right Paula?

More bars Andy.......

It's about time some of the craters are filled in on 169.

There has to always be one......

I remember when only six vehicles would go through a red light. Now, 10 to 12 easily.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tailgating At It's Best

This lady just proves that aggressive ignorant driving has no boundaries. With all that white hair I am sure she is no spring chicken.

Here's one of the reasons I just like to sit back and relax.

I think I would use the right lane. Maybe they have a phobia?

A typical Comcast driver. I wonder if the 800 number even works? Is cable repair that important. It was Super Bowl Sunday, so maybe?

I think some Minnesotans are just lonely and like to get close to one another.
Here is an end result of someone tailgating. The dick standing next to his wrecked car told the cop that traffic slowed down and I was in the left lane. The cop says "is that why you hit him?" His skid marks were measured and it was estimated he was going about 70MPH when he slammed into me, 15MPH over. $12,000 and a month later my car was back on the road, wonder if his is yet?

A Little More On 394

Here is a guy who actually came from the HOV lane and seen me as his "bitch" to get ahead of everybody else while crossing four lanes of traffic. I often wonder how brakes and transmissions hold up with this driving? Did I mention he was also on his phone?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

394 On A Saturday

I don't know why I like driving on 394 so much. Maybe because you just never know what you will see. Traffic bailing onto Hwy 100, lane changing at will, even stopping in the middle lane because why wait when you can inconvenience everybody else. Everyday on 394 is an adventure waiting to happen.

I am looking forward to my next trip on the 394.


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