Sunday, February 15, 2009


What would posses a guy to do this to his cycle? Hey, I am a guy who is never happy and has to improve everything he has. And, the frame was recalled for bad welds. Bad welds = no more blog and I can only think of a few people who would want that, right Professor?


Barry said...

I do that to my bicycle every winter, but a motorcycle? Not with my adult A.D.D. That would be a bad combination.

They better give you a new frame for free.

Ole said...

Hey I think half the fun of having a bike is tearing it apart. Gives a guy a chance to rework things a bit and improve. Hope you get a decent frame this time around and can get her ready to roll before the season gets going. Wasn't a Kraftech was it? I've got one of those just waiting to get started on.

Dale the Truck Driver said...

It's a Big Bear Chopper frame. They wanted me to ship it to California and have them fix it. Hmm, ship it west or have Donnie Smith fix it. That was an easy choice. All that needs to be done is a gusset plate welded in the neck area. Hopefully i can have it at the bike show in St. Paul next month. Ole send me some photos.

Ole said...

Saw a Big Bear failure on the forum. It was on the downtube about an inch away from the neck weld. They figured that the tubing got too hot during welding and was made brittle because of it. I've read nothing but good things about Donnie Smith. I'm sure you're in good hands. Wish I could send you some pics but can't seem to find an email address on your blog. It's just a frame now anyhow but I do have a chopped kz that gets some looks. Hit my site. There is a send to on the homepage.


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