Saturday, February 7, 2009

This Made Sense

Nothing like speeding to change lanes and slow down.

Bewilderment or is Donna J signaling a successful field goal? Does anybody do this anywhere but in their car?


Barry said...

If you have personalized plates, then you really gotta behave yourself behind the wheel.

Keep the camera rollin'!

Dale the Truck Driver said...

I was thinking she should have "ITSGOOD".

Ole said...

Man, I choked on my coffee.

Compadre said...

It looks like Donna J got trapped in the left lane and had to wedge her way in to get back right.

I think she was trying to signal, "I'm sorry." I wish we had such a universally recognized signal. It might help calm feelings out there. We seem to have enough ways to say, "I didn't appreciate that."

We might all behave better if *none* of us were anonymous.

Dale the Truck Driver said...

We do have a universal signal. It's called "The Finger". Seriously, I didn't even see the hands in the air until I looked at the picture and I am almost certain it was not directed at me. I think she made a decision to get into the right lane and it turned out to be the wrong lane. Get it?

The Bad Yogi said...

I think she's saying, WTF? What's WRONG with you people?

At least, if she were in LA, that's what she would be saying

Dale the Truck Driver said...

I think your on to something there Bad Yogi. Does the Good Yogi live in Jellystone?

Dale the Truck Driver said...

My grandpa used to live in Pasadena, about a mile from the Rose Bowl.


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