Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tailgating At It's Best

This lady just proves that aggressive ignorant driving has no boundaries. With all that white hair I am sure she is no spring chicken.

Here's one of the reasons I just like to sit back and relax.

I think I would use the right lane. Maybe they have a phobia?

A typical Comcast driver. I wonder if the 800 number even works? Is cable repair that important. It was Super Bowl Sunday, so maybe?

I think some Minnesotans are just lonely and like to get close to one another.
Here is an end result of someone tailgating. The dick standing next to his wrecked car told the cop that traffic slowed down and I was in the left lane. The cop says "is that why you hit him?" His skid marks were measured and it was estimated he was going about 70MPH when he slammed into me, 15MPH over. $12,000 and a month later my car was back on the road, wonder if his is yet?


Paula said...

I can't even tell you how tired I am of seeing FUV headlights in my rearview mirror that are so close I wonder how that FUV got in my trunk!

Sometimes - I just flip the switch on the mirror so I can't see them and then I can pretend they arent there.

A few years ago I was driving a Toyota Corolla on 35E southbound to St Paul - it was raining and I was in the middle lane - when the traffic stopped in front of me I stopped - but the guy in the van behind me just kept going - I was pushed into the FUV ahead of me - my poor car was totalled and I never made it to my appointment. A few good things - State Farm was more than fair with the price of the car (a total), the lady in the FUV had kids in the car and they slept thru it, the State Patrol towed the guy's van when he told them he didnt have insurance (and he buddies who came to pick him up thought it was hilar-ious).

I wasnt working so I had to go charge a car...another story...

Dale the Truck Driver said...

I like how you have taken to the FUV.

Paula said...

It is a perfect term for them....I am telling it to all of my friends as well!

Jennifer said...

All that damage to a Charger makes me sad.

Dale the Truck Driver said...

I didn't even have 5000 miles on it. The guy actually wanted to shake my hand but decided it wouldn't have been a good idea, not that slamming into me and pushing me into a wall was brillant. Surpising he had his wife and two young kids with him. The cop told me he cited him for driving on the shoulder but I really didn't care. I went from 55 to 0 in relative speed in a matter of feet and then went from 0 to 100 in pissed offness. Wow, I thought I was over this.


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