Saturday, February 7, 2009

Some Big Rigging

If you look in the mirror the passenger doesn't seem all that concerned about riding the ass of this FUV.

Of course the right lane is open as they are passing me at about 70MPH.

Just when you think he couldn't get any closer..... Wrong, and his left brake light isn't working.


kimbers said...

Just curious Dale, but I have often wondered, does it do any good to call these companies whose numbers are on the back of the trucks when we see stuff like this? (granted this time it might since it's documented) or is the nature of the shipping business such that there is an allowance for a certain amount of bad driving given the long hours and tons of miles driven? Does it take a certain amount of tickets to get a companies attention or is it built into the cost of doing business?

Don't get me wrong, I am not interested in the least in costing anyone their job (unless they are driving under the influence) but a reminder and then correction of some bad driving habits would be nice.

I'm haunted I guess because I saw a really bad accident about 10 years ago where a dump truck came too fast over the crest of a hill on a two lane country highway and his load of gravel shifted forward and the truck essentially tipped forward onto itself killing the driver and there was nothing that could be done to help him. I've often thought about it over the years and wondered if this driver was working under some serious time demands that jeopardized not only him but the rest of us too.

I'm interested in your perspective on this.


Dale the Truck Driver said...

I guess I would take a shot and call. But I would think most companies probably get complaints everyday. I have heard my boss say a few things and he pretty much has to weed out the b.s. and the truth. In some of my photo's it looks like I'm tailgating but what happens is people are moving in front of me at a faster speed than me. This guy though was just being stupid in my opinion. As far as what I have heard about earth movers is they get paid by the load so you know they are going to push it constantly.

Dave said...

Dale, have you ever posted any commentary about large trucks remaining in the right lane except to pass, a la Europe? Across the pond, large trucks also have their maximum individual speed limit posted on the rear. Do you think traffic flow would improve with large vehicles restricted (most of the time) to the right lane?

Dale the Truck Driver said...

Dave, enforcement would be the big problem. On 94 west of Maple Grove some of those big riggers move pretty good. With the trucks from my company the max for speed is 62MPH. I have a feeling when those guys are making 40 cents a mile they won't stay in the right lane very long. In Mexico the semi's have lenth, combination, and max speed on the back, and were afraid of Mexican trucks on our roads.


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