Friday, July 17, 2009

Nice Move

Taking a left from the center lane on Hwy 55. I guess he didn't have time to wait his turn.

But he apparently had time to wait here. He certainly did not like his picture being taken.

Great publicity for the company. The company motto....Taking the ordinary to the "EXTRAORDINARY."

And of course right to the front of the line.


kimbers said...

Just curiousity questions:

Are most folks aware that their picture is being taken or only the ones that you've already proven aren't paying attention to their driving like Mr Landscaper here?

Has anyone ever stopped to give you their (I'll be diplomatic) opinion at the time the picture was taken?

Anonymous said...

The publicity probably won't matter to them, any more than spelling did on their web address -- AFFORABLE? LOL!!

Dale the Truck Driver said...

I did not notice the web address. I wonder if the green side goes up or down?

Dale the Truck Driver said...

Also, as of yet no one has asked me what I am taking their picture for. I think this guy might have been a little paranoid with his company name all over his truck and he kept looking in his mirror at me. I should have picked my phone up and acted like I was calling to complain.

Janet said...

I didn't notice the web address either. Being the stickler for spelling that I am, I would be suspicious of any business that didn't spell correctly-even if the fault lay with the sign painter.

Barry said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you got a little camera on the dash eight feet up, and a remote, how would this dude even know?

Too bad you can't use a bull-horn and
say, "Smile" or "Watch the birdie" or somethin'.

Dale the Truck Driver said...

He was looking at me. I was right behind him. I also waved at him and pointed a little camera out to him.

Barry said...

Waved and showed the camera... Sweet victory!

I did phone a company one time when I was almost run over. I even told the company that I was very concerned that their truck might be stolen. All I got was "We apologize for your inconvenience..."
Gee thanks. No $5 gift coupon?


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