Friday, July 24, 2009


Anonymous Barry said...

Usually I go along with everything you say, Dale, but I think I'm gonna have to disagree with you ...

1) If cars behind you were scattering, it was not the fault of the driver in front of you; it was their fault for following too close to you.

2) The offender did apologize. That's a rare treat. I realize it doesn't undo the damage, but it beats the alternative. Usually, the road raging types smirk like they're saying 'gotcha.' I think the old dude was really sorry.

3) If he's a vet--he did what I would have been way too chicken-#$%* to do myself--so I don't care if he spends all his money collecting bottle caps.

Keep the camera

Disagree all you want but think of this.

1) What right does someone have to stop on the roadway other than an emergency?

The guy didn't want to wait. Guess what? I am sure nobody else wanted to wait, but they did. It's part of being civil towards each other. Do you think people like this guy wonder why traffic sucks? It's because of guys like him.

2) If someone pointed a gun and you and fired off a round, then apologized, would that be okay?

I would be upset as most people would be. Same premise.

3) How many American cars are in Japan with Japanese Vet plates?

Most likely none.

4) A huge part of the economy problem is Americans don't buy American products. I will walk long before I would ever buy a foreign car. History shows that if the UAW and Teamsters are not getting raises, neither is the rest of the middle class.


Anonymous said...

While I agree that it's best to buy domestic products when possible... the guy in the Honda Accord IS, more or less, buying American. Accords are assembled in Ohio and contain 70% domestic parts. ALL "American" cars are at least in part manufactured and/or assembled in other countries. He could be doing a lot worse.

Barry said...

Whoa, didn't expect my name up in lights, but I hear your side, too.

My last three cars and six bicycles have been American. No prob there.

Michael Thompson said...

People should not slam on the brakes on the highway ever!except to avoid hitting a car in front of them. look at that line of cars getting on EB I94! it is like that every afternoon, and they are all braking and barely crawling. why? they follow way too close.
then people that want to merge onto the right lane to take the exit cannot do so unless they match the speed of the cars in the right lane to merge in, so they end up stopping in front of us! grrr
when I am going on 394 going west on 94, or downtown, I know i got to be watching out for people because they are doing this all the time. either they are distracted and didnt see they needed to move right sooner, or they are unfimiliar with the area and didnt know whats coming up.
anyhow the honda driver should have just kept going and went through downtown and get on EB 94 there. hopefully he got the crap scared out of him and he will learn!
When I am getting on EB 94 off of 394, I make sure I am in the right lane ahead of time, and I leave a big space in front of me the whole way, so late mergers can get in without having to slam on their brakes and also i wont have to hit my brakes when cars ahead have problems. I can usually get through this section without having to stop, and sometimes will even loosen up traffic quite a bit.


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