Monday, August 3, 2009


Where do people get their information from? I find it hard to believe that J.C. would show up in Chaska since it's not even mentioned in the bible.


Joshua said...

Why does that remind me of the old bumper sticker. "Jesus is returning. Quick, everyone look busy!"

Anonymous said...

If he is coming back, I gotta few choice words for him.

Kingmsmn67 said...

Hope you don't get a picture of him from your truck when he returns

Dale the Truck Driver said...

Here's my thoughts. Jesus has so many speaking for him. How would they know Jesus' wishes? If Jesus did return, and if memory serves me right, it's been a couple of years since he last visited, who would believe him? And why of all places would he come to the U.S.? Wouldn't you think he might head for home rather than come here?


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